IMG_2351Emma Jane is a young death care professional who has worked for many funeral homes as mortuary assistant and funeral conductor.

Proving the funeral industry is not all doom and gloom, Emma aspires to teach others how wonderful the industry really is, bright smiles and all.

Stepping out of the polished shoes and pressed suits, Emma Jane is currently training to become an End Of Life Doulah to help people BEFORE they take their last breath.

Emma Jane’s debut novel is coming soon! Watch this space!

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I love reading your blogs. This latest addition about you shines light. We are all so excited for the release of your novel.


  2. A great blog…a very inspired and imaginative writer a very enjoyable read, if this is a sample of what is to come…..I just can’t wait for the book…FAB


  3. Brilliant read. As another young woman working in the Funeral Industry (I work for the Oldest and Largest cemetery in Australia), it’s refreshing to read your blog.


  4. I grew up in the funeral industry (my grandfather started one of the now largest manufacturers of handles and accessories) and it’s always been my dream to return to the industry. Unfortunately that company is now owned by my uncle who is not someone I would ever be willing to work for or with. As a young woman, it’s great to see another young woman doing so well in a “mans” line of work. And your blog is absolutely insightful and entertaining.


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