Grave Digging

Good morning!


I wrote a book and it’s getting published. This has all been in the works for some time now, but signing that contract and embarking on the editing journey with my editor really has pulled me down off my cloud and into reality…this is really happening!

But I was having so much fun up there. Writing all day everyday, high on coffee by day, wine at night. It was paradise. When I landed an agent, and then a publisher, I cried happy tears for days. My dream had come true! I’m going to be an actual writer. Like, a real one. I’m going to see my book printed on paper and on bookshelves! The clouds were now laced with glitter and happiness. Aarggh! Life is so fun!


The hard work sets in. Most people would think writing a book is the hard part. I spend my life watching documentaries on authors and their writing process and it’s quite common to hear that writing the manuscript isn’t even that fun for them! Writing a book was the best, most interesting, sometimes confronting experience of my life. Okay, maybe not the most confronting. I bury bodies for a living, but it’s definitely been a great time. So that’s how I know I truly am a writer. It’s where I’m meant to be, at my computer writing stories. Heck, I have a drawer full of stories I wrote when I was a kid, and mum has a photo album at home which isn’t brimming with photos – instead, every page of the album is plastered with stories that were published in school magazines and newspapers. Writing is fun!

So here I am, skipping about, sipping lattes and wearing red lipstick on my smile just because, and then my wonderful agent emails me. She loves the quotes I have used in my manuscript. Like, really likes them. The quotes I have used mean a lot to me and really help bring to life parts of the story. Buuut, in this email, I am informed I do need permission to use all of these wonderful excerpts, which I kind of already knew, but I would approach that hurdle when I came to it. That hurdle, ladies and gents, is here and it’s very tall. I’m a short ass. I have some big jumps ahead of me because half of the quotes I have used in my book come from the mouths of people…who are dead.

So now I must embark on a journey of investigating where the quote was first published, get clearance letters signed and my publisher has to credit this use. And then there are fees payable and oh my! My day is going to be digging, digging, digging like a grave digger. Literally. I wish I could go and find the deceased heroes who said these wonderful things and ask their permission! (Insert a huge whining wail here). I would rather dig for bodies than this stuff.

But, I’m going to stay optimistic. Who knows what I will find? Someone bring me coffee.




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