Sparkly Saturdays

It’s been a while

From dawn til dusk; in scrubs and gumboots, I am bathing bodies, applying make up and curling their hair. 

My lower back aches as I heave and ho, pulling up denim jeans on cold, rigid legs, squeezing shoes onto dead weight feet. 

Night time arrives and I collapse on the couch, intentions of cooking, but tiredness takes over. Waking at midnight in a heap, my maltese, Cupcake licking my cheeks. It’s time to go to my bed, I drag my feet and there I sleep.

Morning breaks through the blinds; I do it all again.

Weekend comes, plans are cancelled. I’m far too tired for nightclub small talk and random kisses.

I pour a wine, wear odd socks and watch movies until I dream. 

Tonight I have decided it’s about time…

It’s Saturday…and I’m finally going to leave the house. Writing is on hold, bed can wait. I’m dressed in my best, and ready to dance!

Hair blow dried, false lashes fitted, sparkles on my feet, my ride awaits. Vodka spritzer in my hand, I am ready to hit the town!!!


Happy Saturday my lovelies.

Love Love xx

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