Our Duty.

There will be a day when our mortal body will cease it’s earthly work,

and it will die.

IT will die, not us! 

We are not our physical body. We are immortal beings using the

physical body to experience physical life as a means to accelerate our spiritual, moral and intellectual progress. 

When we pass to our loved one the burden of burying or

cremating our dead body, that is when they will bury or cremate, our dead body-

not US.

We will be alive and free.

The End Of Death

Admir Serrano


On busy days; Hail the Lowering Device! With the push of a lever this swanky piece of machinery will lower the coffin placed on sturdy straps into the ground.  On rainy days when the sky is grumbling and tombstones are slippery, the lowering device can not be used on a monumental grave and we must manually lower the coffin ourselves. With our flesh almost bleeding as we feed the straps through our bare hands, it is our duty to ensure the coffin is descended perfectly into its grave. And there is no feeling like it in the world. It can be sad and frightening, yet beautiful.

The roots from the Earth coil in and out of the dirt and Father stands by the head of the grave in his robe reading passages from his Bible. The family with heads down sob as the funeral staff- four of us, two at each end of the coffin are faced with the most honest moment in life. The world around us disappears and our minds are fixed on the responsibility of lowering the poor soul into their final resting place. We take a strap into our hands and secure our footing so we don’t fall in with. All that matters to us is the family, the loved one who has passed and their safety. In this moment we don’t care that our skin is aching like a savage Chinese burn as we feed the straps through our hands.

When the coffin has reached the bottom, we step back and bow. This is truly something only a Funeral Director can experience.

How blessed are we?

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